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Country 2-Step

The basic step of the two-step is this: quick-quick slow-slow. There are many great songs where the two-step is a great alternative to waltzing, if waltzing is a challenge for you.

Country Swing

Swing dances are typically with one other partner. Some groups switch partners during a dance. It depends

on your skill level. 


This video is louder than the other two.

Basic Line Dancing

Line dancing does not require a partner. Anyone can either start a line or join a line.

The dancers in a line, however, will all be doing the same dance.  

Robert Royston says, even if you don't know the dance, there are some basics you can watch for to help you more easily join in.

Also line dancers are always happy to teach you as you dance. 

Country Dance Styles

Two-step, waltz, east/west coast swings, line-dancing, cowboy/traveling cha cha, polka (ten step), and western promenade.


Both of these choreographers have videos on the waltz. And while there is a slight difference between a ballroom waltz and a country waltz, the steps are the same: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, since the music is in 3/4 time. 

Dance Floor Etiquette

Where to dance and in what direction?

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