Just like everybody else on the internet, we have to list all our legal mumbo-jumbo.

Funny thing is, 1) we are not an organization, we are a community of friends; 2) we do not actively collect anything unless you provide it (name and phone number), so there really isn't anything to let you know about -- from our side. However, we do use tools, and those people may collect information on you.

So, we decided to take a different approach -- here are their pages (and pages, and pages ...) of legal mumbo-jumbo

that you can wade through, if you have the time, instead of practicing your music, or dancing, or ... well you get the point. 


  • GOOGLE: They host our domain, email address, and email.

  • FACEBOOK: They host our Official Facebook page and group.


Now, it might be that a primary party may have other relationships, we don't know. And we honestly are just not motivated enough to find out, so, we will simply say -- "be advised, they might".


We tried our best to keep this as simple as possible, both to administer and most importantly to understand. 

If you have any questions (we hope not), let us know by sending us a message through our Facebook page.