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JJ Ranch

( "the Double-J" )


Boss Lady: Joann, co-founder

  • Boss Hands: Peggy, Kathy & Jody - Venue, Stage & Sound

  • Show Roster Wranglers: Kathy & Peggy

  • MC & Music Wrangler: Derek

We function like a ranch, with the Boss Lady's crew of Boss Hands and Wranglers carrying out most decisions

and tasks, but Joann has final say on the ranch.

Boss Hands

Boss Hands are second in command on the ranch.

They help Boss Lady run a fun and safe place for
people to come and have a great time. 


Wranglers keep things running smoothly so musicians, dancers, and visitors truly enjoy their time on the ranch and will want to come back for another visit. 

Ranch Hands

Ranch Hands are anyone who isn't a Boss Hand or Wrangler, but helps out on the ranch in some way. Some people call it volunteering, but we like Ranch Hand better.  To be a Ranch Hand all you need to do is ask how you can help. There's no long-term commitment,

its just pitching-in while you're here on the ranch.