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"it's great country music & dancing for the whole family"

Major artists mentioned:

* Sara Evans, stopped in one jam night, a common thread among all Jefferson Jammers, and gave of her time and talent simply for the joy of sharing country music with others. We are humbly grateful for her visit and welcome her and all country music loving artists at anytime. 

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All other copyrights of respective owners. This interview was included on a free limited edition CD coupled with our 5th Year photo album. While there are no more CDs, you can purchase copies of the photo album here at the publisher's cost.


How it all began...

The following is from a 2007 interview with Bruce and Joann one afternoon at the Morning Star Grange. Listen as Bruce tells the story of how the Jefferson Jammers became Oregon's longest running weekly country music jam, dance and social.

Pt 1 How it all began
Pt 2 Bands and potlucks
Pt 3 About the music and players
Pt 4 Attendence and jam format
Pt 5 Country music and local legends
Pt 6 Celebrities at the Jam and Hank
Pt 7 Bruce and Willie
Pt 8 Floyd and our future
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In 1998 after Bruce Hamilton retired, he wanted to start playing music again, but couldn't find any guitar circles or jams to play in at the time.

And yet, his passion for wanting to create a community of country music lovers who wanted to jam together lingered on in his heart and mind.

Then in 2002 his daughter Peggy sold a house to Cecelia ("Cece") & Francis Garceau. They asked if she knew of anyone interested in playing music. She said, "my dad does" and introduced the Garceaus to Bruce & Joann. 

Bruce knew Pete Yokum and on Wednesday, September 4th, 2002, the four musicians got together at Yokum's place. The word spread and more and more people came to play and listen. Eventually a larger place was needed.

But rather than have you read our words, we invite you to listen to Bruce tell our story in ... How it all began. 

"...thank you everybody."

Bruce & Joann Hamilton

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