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The FIDDLE is one of those instruments that adds depth and color to the country music sound.


If you are new at the fiddle, there's an easy way to get started, just learn the bow patterns first. These patterns are half of the fiddle sound. Fiddlin' expert Austin Scelzo has a great video on these different patterns.

STEP 1: Just Bowing

(no fingered notes)

The background music is in the KEY of (D). Nashville Number pattern is: 1-4-5

STEP 2: Free Fiddle Lessons with Christian Howes

Join Christian as he takes you from "no skill" to "jam ready" through his right-to-the-point fun lessons. 

We love Christian's style of teaching, he gets right to it and you feel like you are right there with him having a private lesson.

Quick Lessons:


1. Straight Shuffle

2. Nashville Shuffle

3. Georgia Shuffle

4. 332 Bowing

5. Adding Notes & Scales

6. Backtrack Play-Along

(click a lesson to play)

(click a lesson to play)

1. Bowing Warmup

2. Fiddlin' Beginner

3. Fiddlin' Intermediate

4. Fiddlin' Advanced

5. Dirty Bluegrass Fiddlin'

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