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There are two types of guitar play, rhythm and lead. 


In these free demo lessons you will learn everything you need to go from "no-skill" to "jam-ready" in a short period of time. All you have to do is practice and that includes jamming with us each week. 

Strumming Style Demo Lessons:

The following demo samples of Devin's 

lessons are complete enough to get you

started in country rhythm guitar.

(click a lesson to play)

(click a lesson to play)

Super Easy Beginner Country Guitar

In this country guitar lesson, Anders will teach you how to play a super easy country rhythm on acoustic guitar. He gets the classic country style by using an acoustic guitar and will teach you how to strum in time using simple, easy chords with a beat. Anders will also practice with you slow and easy with a metronome. 

1. Intro to Classic Country Guitar

2. Tom T. Hall Style Strumming

3. Hank Williams Style Strumming

4. Foggy Mountain - Strum & Walk Ups

5. Accent Picks & Strums

6. Seven Essential Patterns

7. Advanced: Texas Swing Style

1. Beginner Country Guitar

2. Guitar Licks for Beginners

3. Open Guitar Chords Cowboy Style

4. Western Cowboy Chords & Sound

BONUS: 2 Step System for Melodic Country Lead Guitar (Active Melody)

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