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The PIANO is one those instruments that can be used to provide rhythm as well as add depth and color to the country sound with country solos and riffs. 

STEP 1: Learn how to apply the 1-4-5 chord shapes on the piano.

STEP 2: Learn 20 country songs you can play on the piano using the 1-4-5 chords.

STEP 3: Learn country piano riffs and solos. 

Basic Country Piano Chords (1-4-5)

20 Country Songs with just 3 Chords.

Country Piano Stylings of Floyd Cramer
performed by his grandson Jason Cramer-Coleman

​Learn the Slip-Note Style

You can watch the whole program on the right, or jump right to these sections below.

Aimee Nolte
Aimee's 20 Country Songs with 3 Chords set list is free or you can purchase the worksheets here

We invite you to visit Aimee's website for more information.

In this lesson, Aimee walks you through the 20 Country Songs you can play with just 3 chords using the 1-4-5 Nashville Numbering pattern. 

You can learn more about the Nashville Numbering here. 

(click a lesson to play)

1. Lesson: What is the Slip-Note

2. Lesson: History of the Slip-Note

3. Song: Last Date

4. Song: San Antonio Rose

5. Song: Tennessee Waltz

6. Song: Your Last Goodbye

7. On the Rebound

8. Song: Crazy

9. Song: Welcome to my World

10. Song: Behind Closed Doors

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