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WHEN: Wednesdays, 5:00PM to 5:30PM

WHERE: Morning Star Grange Hall

This is the same place where we host the main jam.

START (5:00pm)

We will start right on time, but you can join-in as soon as you arrive. We have a soft-stop at 5:30pm -- it depends on how many people are arriving for the main jam. 


We will end the session by playing a couple of songs together. This way you will learn how to jam the right way. You can practice listening to the music's ebb & flow, and other musicians. The idea is to play together to create the best music we can that honors and brings the song or instrumental composition to life. 

Acoustic Lessons in the round

Our Acoustic Lessons in the Round is an informal learning setting. Meaning these are not structured music lessons, but rather you will be learning from others with more skill or learning something new that someone else does that you want to learn how to do.

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